Achieve Day 2 Operational Excellence and Safeguard your SAP Landscape

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  1. How to Secure and Monitor Your SAP Systems from Cyber Threats without Third-Party Software

    Reading time: 6 mins

    Aman Dhillon explains how to secure your SAP systems from cyber attacks using SAP Configuration Validation. Key Concept Configuration Validation (CV) is a standard diagnostics tool available in SAP Solution Manager 7.0 and up. It enables companies to perform vulnerability checks to detect and remove security weaknesses in SAP systems. This includes vulnerabilities in areas…...…
  2. Securely Run SAP Systems in the Cloud with Amazon’s EC2 Platform and Simple Storage Service

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Running SAP systems on a cloud platform offers significant benefits — rapid scalability, minimal incremental hardware cost, and the reduction of internal resource needs. The case for running SAP systems on a cloud platform is compelling for non-productive systems. However, there are inherent risks in allowing your data to reside with a hosted service provider…...…
  3. Prepare for an Audit of Your SAP Systems: What You Need to Ensure a Successful Result

    Reading time: 32 mins

    Learn the fundamentals about auditors and the audit process. See the primary categories of an SAP audit, and tips on some of the more problematic areas within one of these categories — the general computer controls audit. Key Concept General computer controls (GCC) reflect a set of IT management, infrastructure, and process controls you should…...…
  4. Spotlight: Assessing SAP Systems for Vulnerabilities Helps Organizations Go Mobile Securely

    Reading time: 6 mins

    /Mobile/Project ManagementIn this Spotlight Q&A, Onapsis CEO Mariano Nunez responded to a few of my questions about securing SAP systems, mobile applications, and cloud services. “I think the big change hits when customers stop thinking of SAP security as roles and profiles or segregation of duties controls. That’s indeed important, but securing the systems from…...…
  5. Securing SAP Systems

    Reading time: 11 mins

    Panelists: Frederik Weidemann and Stephen Lamy Sponsor: Virtual Forge Your SAP systems and the data within are an integral part of your business. You need to ensure your SAP applications are secure and stable, but there are a wide array of cybersecurity threats to worry about. Find out how to secure your SAP landscape from…...…
  6. Distribute Critical Data Among Multiple SAP Systems by Using Change Pointers

    Reading time: 31 mins

    Using change pointers allows you to select exactly what data you want integrated systems to communicate to each other. See an example of the functionality with SAP ERP Central Component and SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services. Key Concept Application Linking and Enabling (ALE) enables communication between SAP applications. It allows you to define the master…...…
  7. Image of Cloud with Padlock

    Zero Trust in SAP Systems

    Reading time: 6 mins

    What’s driving more SAP customers to adopt cloud security solutions? The number one driver for organizations was the “Need to protect access to sensitive and confidential data.,” according to SAPinsider’s Securing the SAP Landscape Against Cyber Threats Benchmark Report. Tracking and securing data as it moves across an organization’s SAP landscape is a common challenge…
  8. Data Protection Options for SAP Systems

    Reading time: 9 mins

    SAP Professional JournalIn recent years there have been a lot of advancements in data protection technologies and tools. When you are designing a data protection solution for an SAP environment to support business continuity, it is important to understand these new technologies and tools as well as their integration points. Key Concept A data protection…...…
  9. Protect Your SAP Systems from Cyberattacks

    Protect Your SAP Systems from Cyberattacks

    Reading time: 9 mins

    This article looks at how SAP Enterprise Threat Detection addresses organizations’ pressing needs for protecting modern SAP landscapes.
  10. Insights for Evaluating, Identifying, and Executing Cybersecurity for Your SAP Systems

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Read this blog written by an SAP security and compliance lead for advice on how companies can best ensure their networks are secure. Learn the steps necessary to evaluate, identify, and craft effective cybersecurity umbrellas for SAP systems.