RISE with SAP 2023

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Plan for RISE with SAP to be the default model for moving to SAP S/4HANA

⇨ Learn about RISE with SAP before a decision needs to be made on whether to use it

⇨ Understand the security requirements for RISE with SAP and whether or not SAP is responsible

In this report:

Over the last two years, RISE with SAP went from being a somewhat confusing business-transformation-as-a-service offering to the core of SAP’s cloud ERP strategy. To further demonstrate the value of the offering, SAP recently announced RISE with SAP Premium Plus. It provides access to a new embedded generative AI assistant called Joule, new sustainability features, and advanced finance and cash flow capabilities. SAP also revealed that there are now more than 4,300 RISE with SAP customers. But does RISE with SAP resonate in the broader SAP community? This report will focus on what organizations currently understand about RISE with SAP, the concerns they have, and the offering fits into their needs for ERP and innovation.

The survey asked the respondents to about their familiarity with RISE with SAP, how much they know about the components of RISE with SAP, what about RISE with SAP provides the most benefit, how they plan on selecting a cloud service provider for RISE with SAP, and what the biggest factors are impacting their plans for ERP and innovation. When SAPinsider first started researching RISE with SAP there was limited knowledge about the offering, and a significant proportion of respondents claimed to know little about it. That changed over the last two years, and this year only 7% of respondents reported that they were not at all familiar with RISE with SAP.

Familiarity with RISE with SAP

Download the benchmark report to read the full data analysis from 229 members of the SAPinsider community and receive recommendations for your own plans.

  • Explore how much organizations currently know about RISE with SAP
  • Learn what they see as offering the most benefit from the offering
  • Understand whether there is concern about moving to RISE with SAP
  • See what the drivers, actions, and requirements are for ERP and innovation

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