2023 Community Snapshot – Mastering SAP Technologies & Cloud, Data & Analytics, Security & Risk

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Meet the Authors

  • Kim Aldridge

    Production Director - Mastering SAP Event Portfolio APAC at SAPinsider

Key Takeaways

⇨ Organisations are generating more data and accessing it from more disparate sources, faster than ever.

⇨ Integrating data and making meaning of it is a crucial part of business operations that enables informed decisions.

⇨ The SAP environments have become increasingly complex, and with it comes the challenge of securing these environments.

The booming and competitive landscape that technology leaders and practitioners find themselves in is evolving at pace. The headwinds of rising inflation, supply chain issues, and recessionary indicators are being felt around the globe. Businesses are responding by embracing technology that will help them innovate, achieve more with less, and empower their people to work smarter.

SAP and its partner ecosystem are perfectly positioned to help and respond. SAP is reinventing its portfolio of solutions and tools quickly. These changes enable digital transformation at scale by migrating to SAP S/4HANA or supporting bite-sized chunks of innovation outside of core ERP using SAP BTP, regardless of your tech stack or technical abilities. Line of Business professionals with an interest in rolling up their sleeves can build low-code applications to speed up their work and avoid long development cycles reliant on seasoned developers.

The results of this research directly guide the 2023 Mastering SAP Technologies & Cloud, Mastering SAP Data & Analytics, and Mastering SAP Security & Risk programs. The topics highlighted and discussed in this paper influence the speakers (local and global), workshops, tutorials, and training courses selected for the conference taking place on the 6-8 June in Melbourne 2023, and reflects the community’s knowledge, capability, and training requirements.

Download the research report to uncover what topics were identified as the most pressing for Mastering SAP Technologies & Cloud, Data & Analytics, Security & Risk community.

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