James Marland

Meet the Expert

Storyteller. Educating companies of all sizes the benefits of Going Digital with Business Networks. Having worked at both SAP and Ariba prior to the acquisition, James is uniquely positioned to drive the connection of the world's companies together with the SAP Business Network. For too long companies have focused on their internal processes, data and employees: its time to look "Beyond the Wall"​ to customers, suppliers, contractors and the "Intelligent extended value chain". I try to make a story-teller out of everyone through Social Media, new hire onboarding and mentoring. You'll see me passionately preaching the value of SAP to each new hire through my preferred medium of a whiteboard. In addition I contribute to the SAP story on social media via Twitter and blogs. Just don't expect to see me using PowerPoint. I run masterclasses throughout the company on "The Art of Explanation" which includes story-telling and whiteboarding.

Work Experience

Global Vice President, Sales Excellence, Intelligent Spend & Business Network, SAP Director, Business Consulting -- Vendavo & Zilliant Vice-President of Solutions -- Ariba Presales Manager -- SAP America

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