Is SAP Digital/Indirect Access License Required for Customers?

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Key Takeaways

⇨ It is vital that organizations know who or what has accessed their SAP digital core.

⇨ Organizations may struggle to find out whether they need to pay for a Digital Access license.

⇨ Companies must analyze their system costs, consumption rate, and license cost to know how to deal with Digital Access questions.

An increasing number of organizations rely on bots or other non-human actors to address regular tasks and processes throughout their SAP landscapes. Organizations may want to use this method, Digital Access, or rely on third-party apps to access SAP systems, which is Indirect Access.
Though they can help businesses streamline operations, Digital and Indirect Access can also be pricey, as some users must pay for a license to utilize these access methods. Unfortunately for organizations, it can be difficult to calculate whether or not such a license is worth the cost.
In this article, you can learn how to calculate whether or not your organization should invest in the right to utilize Digital and Indirect Access. SAPinsider expert Akash Kumar will walk you through how to calculate which type of license will best fit the needs of your organization, if it even needs one at all.

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