4 Strategies That You Need to Hire the Right SAP Talent

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Companies need to bring out strategies that can help in attracting the best SAP talents.

⇨ Company culture is an important variable that determines whether an employee chooses a workplace.

⇨ It is important to have a an employer branding strategy to let know prospective hires know about your company culture.

We’ve seen tumultuous changes in trends in the job market over the last two years. Including tools in the everyday workforce has become standard practice, and automation is to be expected. SAP is one such tool that automates business processes to encourage lean and efficient operations.

This progress towards the digital age has been streamlined with The Great Resignation, as we noted in our previous analysis on Impacting CIO Priorities. There’s now a shortage of technological skills, and leaders face the challenge of restructuring their operating environments to fit the demand, lest they risk the continuity and success of critical SAP projects.

Now that digitalization is more important than ever, companies need to bring out strategies that can help in attracting the best SAP talents. Here are our four top suggestions:

Improve the company’s working environment 

In the 21st century, company culture is an important variable that determines whether an employee chooses a workplace. Standards have increased for workers to prioritize how they feel throughout their entire employment lifecycle, over other variables like pay.

This means that internal competition that stems from a toxic workplace culture is a common driver in employee dissatisfaction, resulting in problems employing or keeping workers. Pushpay CEO Molly Matthews suggests fostering a healthy culture with an open-door policy with clear goals for internal teams.

With communication, employee concerns are minimized and everyone is kept informed. This makes sure that the new talent is being heard, and builds a common interest among associates, especially when their duties are the backbone of the organization.

Look into your employer branding strategy 

In order to deliver, SAP talents need to know what you’re offering. This is where your employer branding strategy steps in. Brand strategy communicates your values, approaches, and much more, and is key to positive dialogue surrounding your company.

While 81% of candidates think company culture is important in their decision to apply for a job, this percentage doesn’t matter if the candidates are unaware of your company culture. Therefore a guide to talent acquisition strategies by LHH stresses that employer branding takes center stage and must use campaigns on social channels, employee testimonials, and employer branding videos.

Cater these campaigns towards hiring SAP talent by studying the trends in the workforce. Reports show that employees specializing in tech don’t just want higher pay or empathetic work culture, but also the flexibility that comes from hybrid work. Find approaches that match your company and use that to create more strategic branding.

Leverage various recruitment platforms 

Look into software that helps analyze and filter SAP talents according to your hiring needs. Business News Daily suggests applicant tracking systems (ATS) like BambooHR or Workable, which automate the tedious parts of recruiting.

Pairing an ATS with HRM platforms reduces the burden on internal recruitment teams while maximizing efficiency in the search for the best candidates. The resulting TA suites post jobs via multiple channels and locally store candidate data, which also provides valuable insights for the future to nurture potential talent.

Be open about your SAP solution needs 

While recruitment software and platforms streamline the initial process of sorting through applicants, you cannot rush the interview process. This is the best chance to get to know your potential SAP talent, as well as understand each party’s demands and expectations.

ERP is a continuously upgrading field and SAP has just offered their latest product, the cloud-based SAP S/4HANA, and it’s now driving the cloud strategies in many organizations in the industry. Companies are now working to keep up with these changes that contribute to the hiring demand for SAP talent. Communicating your SAP solution needs in advance ensures everyone agrees, making for smoother transitions later on.

Hiring can be a tedious process, more so when looking for specific qualifications. Because the demand for SAP needs is increasing, it’s important that companies strengthen their recruitment strategies and stay ahead of the game.

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