The (almost) perfect business case for an SAP HANA cloud system transformation

The (almost) perfect business case for an SAP HANA cloud system transformation

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Understanding your TCO is one of the biggest challenges of moving to the cloud. One provider charges based on number of users, traffic, storage used, and instances, while another charges based on CPUs, storage, energy usage, hardware, network traffic, and manpower. This makes comparing different solutions and providers with on-premise environments extremely difficult.

In addition, modern software projects are more about organizational change than the technical endeavors they used to be. Is it worth transforming your treasured enhancements that have been specialized to meet your specific needs? How do you make the technology shift from highly customized forms to EDI? How fast can you move from the old world to the new while assuring business continuity and an agile approach?

And even once your project is complete, you still need to plan for legacy costs. Depending on your requirements, you may need to access historical data for up to 10 years or more. During your project, and for a period afterwards, there is a need for data migration, lookup, re-migration, and handling customer complaints among other things. Don’t forget about these costs.

Attend this session to:

-Learn an approach to determine your real TCO so you can compare different cloud scenarios
-Get practical tips to create visibility on transformation costs, and how you can maintain the competitive edge of the company
-Understand potential pitfalls and hidden costs that may impact your project

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