Sustainability in Sports: Using Technology to Monitor Real-Time Utility Data

Meet the Experts

  • Noele Crooks

    Director, Business Intelligence & CRM at San Francisco 49ers

Key Takeaways

⇨ Understanding how SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud facilitate real-time consumption monitoring

⇨ Sustainability initiatives and technology used in professional sports stadiums and venues, and how these practices and innovations can apply to other businesses

⇨ Understanding how SAP BTP can seamlessly integrate with other data platforms

As part of the 49ers sustainability initiative, the Executive Huddle powered by SAP was upgraded with new capabilities allowing the team to monitor Levi’s Stadium utility usage, including water and gas consumption. Previously, the team was not able to get utility data in real-time, and now can identify anomalies, like leaks, sooner and fix them faster. The team can also review previous game data leading into large scale events, which can help direct how they might alter our utility usage throughout the year.

This has been achieved by installing six 3D-printed water and gas meter readers that feed data directly into the Executive Huddle. Technologies used to bring this solution to life include SAP BTP HANA Cloud, cameras and Rasberry Pi devices, and SAP Analytics Cloud. Hear how this unique addition to the 49ers analytics capability is supporting overall sustainability initiatives, further empowering efforts to maintain Levi’s Stadium as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly sports and entertainment venues.

Read the presentation here.

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