Opening Keynote | 10 Lessons to define and refine your finance automation strategy

Opening Keynote | 10 Lessons to define and refine your finance automation strategy

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SAPinsider recent research shows that automation is a priority of technology and business investment. Automation is attracting growing amounts of corporate investment, and as technology continues to develop, the potential value is likely to increase. Almost 90% of SAPinsiders have begun automating some financial process, however over 50% are dissatisfied. 

Why are many companies struggling with building an automation strategy that delivers long term value? How can they apply automation to finance processes in ways that will create insights and efficiencies? 

This session will review some of the latest automation trends and areas in finance to help customers understand:

Where and what processes they are applying automation first within finance
What are the early benefits?
Why are companies building Automation centers of excellence?
How are they selecting partners and building long-term automation strategies?
How to assess your own automation strategy

The Finance roadmap to landscape automation (from O2C to P2P to R2R, and more

The potential outcome of applying automation in finance is significant; benefits include lowering the cost of finance, process cost reduction, and opportunities for finance teams to provide strategic value to the business. Hear about how automation is embedded in solutions that support end-to-end processes, including procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report, treasury and cash management, and risk. 

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