Moving from Manual Spreadsheet Supplier Reconciliations to Automated Reconciliations in SAP

Meet the Experts

  • Murray Trim

    Decision Support Manager, Foodstuffs South Island (NZ)

Key Takeaways

⇨ The importance of Change Management in automation projects

⇨ How Automation can help your Accounts Payable Team

⇨ The power of AI and Machine Learning

Standard SAP does not include functionality to process supplier statements. Learn how Foodstuffs South Island Limited, a leading grocery retailer, moved from manually ticking off paper statements and producing reconciliations in spreadsheets, to an automated vendor reconciliation solution in SAP. The enabler is the SAP certified add-on module called BEST – and a methodical approach by Foodstuffs South Island Limited management to maximise SAP capability. We’ll show how Foodstuffs South Island Limited has reduced costs and improved creditor controls by automating the reconciliation of hundreds of thousands of creditor lines every month. The session will include, the challenges we faced with a manual process, an overview of BEST’s AP reconciliation module, how we managed the change and how BEST changed our world.

Read the presentation here.

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