Linking Operational Electricity Distribution Faults to Real-Time Repair – SCADA to SAP

Ausgrid’s Network Control Room was dependent on a legacy MS Access database to capture defective mains assets.  This database was at end-of-life cycle and had no integration to SAP Works Management. This resulted in delays identifying and fixing critical network assets, lost data, duplication, and lack of transparency in the Network Control Room on the status of critical asset repairs and online readiness. 

To close this gap, Ausgrid have built a customized update function between our ADMS (SCADA System) and SAP.  This has resulted in a real time solution always showing defective asset state and on-line readiness within ADMS and SAP. The outcomes include enhanced work planning and execution, improved asset utilization and greater network control. 

  • How to ‘herd cats’ – building team collaboration, some consensus. and effective delivery on a global project in a global pandemic. 
  • Data Ninja Masterclass – how to optimize dense, legacy-based asset data to give intended outcomes instead of roadblocks & headaches. 
  • Consolidation & Alignment – breaking down process and system siloes to achieve end to end process transparency and uplift business results 

Read the presentation here.

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