Impact20: Closed-Loop Automation: Different by Design

Impact20: Closed-Loop Automation: Different by Design

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Today’s enterprise landscape is a labyrinth of complex, disparate, and distributed assets, all contributing to the execution of mission-critical business processes. As organizations increasingly depend on these systems for delivery, digital transformation is no longer aspirational, it’s reality. With this new reality comes a heightened need to maximize cost and resource efficiencies, optimizing processes to ensure they remain lean and efficient, deploying resources where they’re needed most, and delivering an optimal end user experience. Engaging automation has the potential to achieve all these objectives, but traditional automation that isn’t built for change or complexity has some distinct barriers to success.

In this session, we’ll explore how a closed-loop approach to automation yields faster time to value with reduced risk and rework. When automation assets are no longer siloed between disparate systems and solutions, automation can be created, shared, and repurposed to understand, refine and run your business processes—all from a single platform.

Join us to explore how Connective Automation creates a common context for IT and business to collaborate and prioritize and hear how this closed-loop automation approach empowers enterprises to:

● Understand the “as-is” state of any given business process
● Identify efficiency gaps and automation opportunities
● De-risk changes before they impact end users
● Optimize processes across applications

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