“Data Streaming for SAP” App in the Cloud by SNP and Snowflake

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⇨ SNP and Snowflake launch "Data Streaming for SAP" in the cloud developed using the Snowflake Native App Framework.

⇨ The app is available on the Snowflake Marketplace and offers a more streamlined way for organizations using SAP systems to securely and rapidly integrate their SAP data with Snowflake.

⇨ Snowflake's Native App Framework empowers developers to build and test applications directly in the Data Cloud, offering enhanced distribution and monetization features.

SNP, a globally recognized provider of digital transformation processes, automated data migrations and data management software in the SAP environment, announced the release of “Data Streaming for SAP” at the Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas. This Snowflake Native App, accessible on the Snowflake Marketplace, simplifies the process for organizations employing SAP systems to swiftly and securely assimilate their SAP data into Snowflake.

The development of this application reflects the ongoing collaboration between SNP and Snowflake, aiming to enhance the process of integrating SAP data into Snowflake. Clients already using both SNP and Snowflake services have seen the value of SNP Glue, and the new software will augment these outcomes.

The Snowflake Native App Framework facilitates partners like SNP to devise novel applications within the Data Cloud. The latest application from SNP is set to streamline SAP data integration, boost efficiency, and reduce data latency for users.

Additionally, the Snowflake Native App’s ability to curtail data processing expenses benefits Snowflake and SNP’s customers by capitalizing on SNP Glue’s extensive SAP data expertise within a Snowflake-native framework. The Native App Framework by Snowflake enables developers to construct and validate applications natively within the Data Cloud, offering further distribution and monetization potentials.

The framework aids in the development of sturdy applications utilizing Snowflake’s high availability, auto-scalability, and simplified security and procurement obstacles, as the applications function directly within the customer’s Snowflake accounts. At present, the Snowflake Marketplace lists more than 25 Snowflake Native Apps.


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