Twinings implements PreBilt™ for SAP WM

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Twinings achieved significant time savings and improved accuracy in their stock-taking process by deploying PreBilt, reducing the time from 2 days to 5 hours.

⇨ The legacy system was found to be the root cause of Twinings' challenges, which led to the adoption of PreBilt, a suite of out-of-the-box mobile applications designed to digitize supply chain processes.

⇨ PreBilt's flexibility allowed for quick and easy configuration, simple app navigation, and increased employee engagement, leading to ease of use and improved stock accuracy.

Twinings famously known for producing high quality tea, faced challenges with stock accuracy and time-consuming tasks due to outdated software, which hindered their warehousing operations. However, after deploying PreBilt, a suite of mobile applications, the company experienced significant benefits such as increased employee engagement, improved ease of use, greater stock accuracy, and elimination of paperwork. The app was easily configured to work with their pre-existing SAP Warehouse Management system and was configured to simplify app navigation. The flexibility of PreBilt also allows for its usage in wider areas of the supply chain such as Plant Maintenance and Quality Management. Overall, PreBilt helped Twinings streamline their warehousing operations, saving time and improving accuracy.

Watch the case study to learn how to streamline your warehousing and supply chain processes with PreBiltTM, as Twinings did, and benefit from improved accuracy, reduced processing time, and elimination of paperwork.

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