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Upgrade to the Cloud and Ditch Your Outdated ERP Systems

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⇨ Cerapedics, a biotechnology company, needed to upgrade from its outdated ERP system as its business continued to scale in growth.

⇨ Partnering with Avvale, Cerapedics chose to implement SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Edition.

⇨ By leveraging S/4HANA Cloud, the biotechnology company now possesses the stability and functionality to scale for rapid growth.

As SAP users will know, an outdated ERP system can lead to issues with security and functionality. Not only this, but it can cause inadequate scalability, integration challenges as well as high implementation costs. One of the solutions that can address these issues is the deployment of the overall digital transformation. This implementation can achieve better business outreach outcomes for companies amongst customers, partners and their own employees.

Take the biotechnology company, Cerapedics. Behind the name stands not just a company, but an organization that relieves pain and improves the quality of life for people around the world with their proprietary bone graft putty. Delivering life-changing equipment to its clients, Cerapedics realized that installments of updated systems are crucial in continuously adapting to the demands of the new age of digital transformation.

As the company was projected to expect major growth over the next several years, its outdated ERP system needed replacing. Cerapedics required a solution that would accommodate their compact IT footprint, enabling scalable, in-house warehouse operations located in the cloud. Partnering with digital transformation consultants Avvale, Cerapedics chose to implement SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Edition to allow the company to digitize its systems and transform with a highly integrated Cloud ERP system.

With Avvale, the company was able to personalize its new systems based on its business needs and processes to enhance efficiency and streamline business operations. The upgrade brought additional visibility in the financial processes such as purchasing, as well as order-to-cash by implementing S/4HANA in addition to another solution. The company now also benefits from easier access to sales order information, real-time analytics for informed decision-making, and improved financial reporting.

By leveraging S/4HANA Cloud, Cerapedics now possesses the stability and functionality to scale for rapid growth. This example shows how important it is for companies to undergo digital transformation, especially with the assistance of consulting services like the ones offered by Avvale.

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