TruQua Announces Alliance with BlackLine to Help Organizations Accelerate Finance Transformation Journey to Modern Accounting Practices

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Key Takeaways

⇨ TruQua and BlackLine recently formed a collaborative alliance aimed at bolstering cloud-based financial solutions for SAP organizations.

⇨ The partnership will help users modernize essential financial functions.

⇨ Customers will also receive advanced tools and strategies focused on digital transformation in a financially digital environment.

TruQua and BlackLine have recently formed a collaborative alliance, uniting TruQua’s leading business transformation expertise with BlackLine’s advanced cloud finance software solutions. This collaboration is focused on modernizing critical financial processes such as financial close, consolidation, accounts receivable, and intercompany accounting. This alliance supports organizations at different stages of their finance transformation journey towards modern accounting practices.

This partnership is timely in an operating environment where CFOs increasingly emphasize digital transformation. It aims to enhance accounting practices by making them faster, more efficient, and controlled. TruQua and BlackLine are expected to optimize and hasten the transformation process, enabling organizations to position themselves for future growth and successfully navigate the next phase of finance transformation.

This partnership is especially beneficial for SAP-centric organizations, as it offers:

  • Enhanced Automation and Efficiency: Incorporating BlackLine’s cloud software capabilities into the SAP ecosystem to streamline and automate critical financial processes.
  • Modernized Finance Operations: Leveraging TruQua’s SAP expertise and business transformation knowledge for a more modern approach to finance.
  • Digital Transformation Support: Providing advanced tools and strategies for CFOs focused on digital transformation in a financially digital environment.
  • Optimized Financial Processes: Combining TruQua’s SAP knowledge with BlackLine’s financial software solutions for more efficient financial processes and increased accuracy.
  • Competitive Edge: Offering a way to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving financial landscape, with the potential for improved financial performance and decision-making.

BlackLine’s Leading Role in SAP Finance Ecosystem

Solution Extensions and Integration: BlackLine has been instrumental in automating financial closing processes through SAP Solutions Extensions, SAP Financial Close Solutions by BlackLine, and SAP Intercompany Governance by BlackLine. BlackLine has been a strategic partner and SAP Solution Extension Partner for over five years.

Awards and Recognitions: As an SAP platinum partner, BlackLine won the 2022 SAP® Partner Excellence Awards for its APJ and EMEA North regions solutions, highlighting its role in digital transformation for SAP users.

Focus on Midsize Organizations: BlackLine and SAP have developed solutions for midsize businesses, with BlackLine’s integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, achieving premium qualification. This collaboration provides scalable end-to-end finance solutions for midsize companies.

TruQua’s Industry-Leading SAP Expertise

TruQua has a significant role in the SAP ecosystem, focusing on Central Finance. Scott Cairncross, co-founder, has deep expertise in SAP Analytics software and services. David Dixon, a key figure at TruQua, has vast experience implementing global solutions for Fortune 100 companies and is a known contributor to the SAP community at SAPinsider events.

BlackLine and TruQua’s Collaborative Synergy

Since 2018, TruQua and BlackLine have worked together to modernize finance and accounting departments, combining TruQua’s implementation methods with BlackLine’s software solutions.

The TruQua-BlackLine alliance marks a significant evolution in finance for SAP users, aiming to modernize finance operations with scalable, efficient solutions for various business sizes. This alliance is set to be influential in the future of finance transformation.

What does this mean for SAPinsiders?

Leverage integrated finance transformation solutions. Utilize integrated SAP Solution Extensions by BlackLine that seamlessly work with SAP environments. This integration can streamline complex finance transformations by aligning your existing SAP infrastructure with advanced automation tools. Look for solutions that offer capabilities in key areas such as financial close, consolidation, and accounts receivable to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Adopt automation for key financial processes. Emphasize adopting automation technologies in areas prone to manual errors and inefficiencies, such as account reconciliations and transaction validations. When integrated with SAP, automation tools can significantly reduce the time and effort required for these processes, leading to more efficient financial closing cycles and improved accuracy.

Optimize intercompany accounting practices. Implement robust solutions for intercompany accounting to manage the complexities of global operations. Tools that automate intercompany transactions and reconciliation can reduce errors and improve compliance. Ensure these tools are compatible with SAP systems to maintain data integrity and streamline operations.

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