Automating your SAP Day 2 Operations on AWS with Red Hat

Automating your SAP Day 2 Operations on AWS with Red Hat

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According to IDC, about 69% of SAP Customers approaching their migration to SAP S/4HANA will decide to deploy on Hybrid Cloud, resulting in peak demand and shortage of resources with SAP On Cloud deployment skills. Adding to the scenario, SAP being typically a mission-critical system, any downtime will directly impact the business. How do you streamline SAP systems’ technical maintenance with minimum effort and minimum impact on the business? How do you free up resources to innovate as opposed to maintain?

In this webinar, our expert will share insights about the business value associated with reducing your TCO and how to free up resources to address more added value tasks. This will reduce the possibility of human errors and SAP downtime and facilitate database and operating system patching and automate the recurring maintenance of your SAP systems running on AWS using the Red Hat extended portfolio.

Attend this session to:
·      Learn how Red Hat’s extended portfolio can help you automate day 2 operations like recurring maintenance, automated and proactive patching, etc, of SAP Systems on AWS.
·      Apprise the business value of Automation in the technical maintenance of SAP systems on AWS
·      Know how to optimize your resources in order to utilize them in other innovative projects.
·      List the availability and describe the value of Automation for SAP systems on AWS

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