The Three Key Ingredients of Business Analytics Solutions

The Three Key Ingredients of Business Analytics Solutions

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Just like marketers have struggled with the question “what does the customer want?” for eternity, analytics leaders have struggled with the question “how to build a data-driven organization?”. It is very clear at this point that the key is to inculcate the culture of data and analytics in the frontline of the organization, making them a breeding ground for citizen analysts and data scientists. But how to attain that objective has been a challenge. Millions have been invested in tools and technologies to become a “data-driven” organization. Though a majority may not admit it, most organizations are far away from becoming one. Despite investing millions in “best-of-breed” tools. So is it not about tools and technologies? It is about the tool. It is the analytics tool that these frontline workers leverage will determine if they end up embracing those tools as the most important arsenal in their toolchest. While analytics tools become more and more powerful and feature rich, many of them still lack three key ingredients that I believe needs to be embedded in a business analytics solution . These three ingredients are:


In this article, we will review these three key ingredients an analytics tool needs to have to become a significant contributor in your journey to become a data driven organization.

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