Sustainable Manufacturing Leveraging Smart Factories

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Understand why sustainability has become critical in supply chains and the importance of sustainability in manufacturing.

⇨ Learn how smart factories can help companies attain sustainability goals in manufacturing.

⇨ Learn the key steps SAPinsiders need to be aware of when embarking on leveraging smart factories for sustainability goals.

While supply chain leaders across industries and geographies grapple with managing the ever-increasing supply chain complexities and risks, there is an additional demand on the companies to be more resourceful and conscientious of environmental and social needs. There is no doubt that the collective awareness around Sustainability and specifically Sustainability in supply chains has increased, both within the consumers as well as all the supply chain stakeholders. Along with other factors, this collective awareness has also led to the emergence of sustainability as a critical component of the supply chain process. With all this focus on Sustainability, organizations are not only looking to build visibility into their end-to-end supply chains, but they are also looking to leverage the power of data and analytics to run more sustainable supply chains. Manufacturing is a critical component in supply chains and hence the focus on building sustainable manufacturing capabilities has grown exponentially. This article explores this increased focus in detail.

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