Automation in Master Data Governance

Automation in Master Data Governance

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⇨ Master data creation – Intelligent automation can cascade creation of domain objects based on certain parameters in a process like the predictive form-filling we see in forms today.

⇨ Automated Workflows - Rules-based notification and hand-offs for master data approvals can easily be configured to support any business scenarios

⇨ Automated Mass Data Validation and Migration–With the move to SAP HANA and to the cloud, we can expect large volumes of data to be moved to newer storage. Data tiering strategies are also causing data to be housed in hybrid locations. Automation can help categorize data, migrate it to specific sources, and validate it post-migration.

Automation in Master Data Governance is a critical foundation to ensure data integrity and to maintain a single source of truth for the organization. Organizational frustration can creep in with poor quality master data management, yet only 36% of respondents have MDM governance and policies in a SAPInsider research on Data Management and Data Warehousing in the Cloud.

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