Extend SAP GRC Functionality to SAP Cloud & Non-SAP Applications

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Effective access governance in SAP environments is crucial for organizations, providing centralized processes, automated access violation identification, and understanding of the financial impact of access risks.

⇨ SAP Access Control and SAP AVM-SI offer key elements such as extending access control to all business applications, maintaining a single SOD rule set, and providing comprehensive audit trails of risk updates and user access reviews.

⇨ Adopting an enterprise-wide approach to access governance can lead to significant business benefits, including streamlined user access management processes, automation of user provisioning and certifications, and leveraging existing SAP Access Control functionalities for non-ABAP systems.

Organizations are focusing on risk and controls more than ever, and one key area involves access Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) because of the need to have:
• Centralized and standardized processes across business applications and IT systems
• Automated identification and review of actual access violations, and
• Understanding the financial impact due to access risks

The SAP Solution
SAP customers can achieve enterprise-wide access governance by leveraging SAP Access
Control. Adding SAP AVM-SI will extend your scope of compliance over any application that
should be monitored for user access.
Key elements of the solution include:
• Extending SAP Access Control to all business applications
• Single SOD rule set maintained in SAP Access Control
• The ability to review user risks in and across connected systems
• Streamlined user access review campaigns
• Comprehensive audit trails of risk updates, user requests and periodic user access reviews

Business Benefits
The business benefits of adopting an enterprise approach are significant. Annual recurring
benefits will provide for a dramatic ROI & payback.

Why SAP?
SAP supports organizations striving to achieve a more effective overall approach to access GRC
governance for:
• Risk & Compliance – Confident in its ability to mitigate risk
• IT – Automate testing and reporting of access violations across enterprise systems
• Business Operations – Reduces manual activities while minimizing the financial impact of

If you have leveraged the robust SAP Access Control functionality to achieve compliance over
SAP ERP, the same benefits can be delivered for non-ABAP systems to ensure compliance and
audit readiness.

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