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Theobald Software

“Difficeasy – We turn difficult into easy” This is the guiding principle under which Theobald Software offers SAP interfaces for the integration of data into Microsoft environments and third-party systems for BI/analytics, as well as into databases, analytics platforms, and cloud solutions. With five subsidiaries in Europe, the US and Asia, Theobald Software is an interface specialist that serves more than 3,500 national and international clients of all sizes and across all industries.

Featured Solutions

  • SAP Data Extraction and Replication

    Using Xtract Universal, SAP data becomes available where you need it – quickly, reliably and easily. Whether it’s databases, BI solution, analytics tools and services, cloud data warehouse and storage services – each target environment can be populated with SAP data individually.

  • No-Code Process Automation for SAP

    yunIO is the leanest way imaginable for connecting SAP and web or cloud-based applications. Processes can be designed, automated, and integrated directly in the browser using an intuitive user interface – any way you need it, without SAP GUI, and with just a mouse click.

Featured Content

  • SAP Data Integration for Your Scenario

    Every company has unique requirements for utilizing their SAP data into their business processes. Discover how Theobald Software provides solutions for various SAP integration scenarios.

  • Save Costs At Your Own Risk

    Our CEO Peter Wohlfarth explains why automating SAP data transfer is worth the investment, and how doing this process manually exposes your company to risk.

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Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Heytex automates data transfer between SAP and Microsoft Power Platform

    Reading time: 1 min

    Historically, Heytex implemented various solutions on a SharePoint server, first using InfoPath and later Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow. A switch to Microsoft Power Platform was planned as part of the company’s IT modernization strategy. This required an interface for data exchange between Microsoft Power Platform and SAP. Register below and read the full case…...…

  • Direct connection of SAP data to Power BI

    Reading time: 1 mins

    INEOS Oil & Gas wanted to optimize their existing reporting system. “The reports that were available in SAP were no longer sufficient for our needs,” explains Robert Schwering, ERP Manager, INEOS Oil & Gas. “Furthermore, we spent too much time manually extracting data from multiple SAP transaction codes in order to compile them into a…

  • CS Energy achieves 6x performance increase replicating SAP data into Snowflake

    Reading time: 1 mins

    CS Energy had embarked on a multi-year project to modernize their BI platform. A key objective was to phase out SAP BW and transition to a Snowflake cloud data platform. Initially, the company used their existing ETL toolset with a built-in SAP Java connector to replicate data from SAP ECC and SAP BW to Snowflake…....…

  • Morton Salt saves 45 min per day by directly accessing SAP data from an Alteryx workflow

    Reading time: 1 min

    To optimize its supply chain, Morton Salt relies on analyzing SAP data directly in Alteryx. How do they get there? Register below and read it for yourself…. This content is for Basic Access, SAPinsider Monthly Subscription, SAPinsider Annual Subscription, and SAPinsider Premium Annual Subscription members only.Log In Join Now... This content is for Basic Access,…