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Your comprehensive SAP BTP Master Data Governance Solution by Laidon, a trusted Certified SAP Partner. With 50+ ready-to-use S/4HANA data models and workflows, SimpleMDG supports powerful governance while eliminating the need for slow, complex, and expensive customizations.

SimpleMDG provides enterprises with the functionalities to implement business rules, data standards and validations to govern the processes of master data maintenance and ensure data quality. Most importantly, no front-end coding is required, making it easy-to-use and accessible for all.

Featured Products

  • SimpleMDG - An SAP BTP Master Data Governance Solution

    SimpleMDG, a comprehensive master-data governance cloud solution for SAP ERP, helps enterprises fortify their master data foundation to enhance business operational excellence, ensure compliance and empower innovation.

  • SimpleMDG - Knowledge Repository

    SimpleMDG’s Knowledge Repository enables common SAP business processes with intuitive, no code configuration of UI form layouts, field input and display logic, screen sequences, validation and derivation rules, templates,and workflows.

  • Master Data Process Management

    Data governance involve different roles. SimpleMDG’s customizable user interface enables rapid creation and maintenance of master data objects leading to higher business satisfaction and execution.

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