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Moviynt has enabled businesses to transform how their digital workforce interacts and conducts business on the edge of the enterprise. Moviynt solution MobiliumTM is built on standards-based architecture which allows devices using the platform to connect to multiple backend systems, whether hosted on-Premises or in the cloud. MobiliumTM is enabled with a development studio for creating applications that allows organizations to rapidly develop and deploy process-centric applications that abstract out the ERP complexities from processes performed on the edge. Moviynt’s device native applications allow applications to run in online, offline or semi-offline modes. MobiliumTM comes fully integrated to enable all features of the smart device e.g. image capture, signature on glass, RFID, OCR, barcode scanning and GPS which can be seamlessly integrated to supercharge mobile workflows around Warehouse , Quality, Production, Logistics integrated processes that can be enabled with Bluetooth, signature on glass, image capture, document display, geo location and much more.

Featured Products

  • FlashArrayTM Protection for SAP HANA® report image

    Parts Requisition Demo

    Enabling connected operation during routine maintenance check is critical for Plant operation. Access to critical information related to the equipment along with status of inventory can help speed up the maintenance cycle and restore the Plant back to operation.

  • MTechnician - Enterprise Workforce Management pack image

    Warehouse Picking Demo

    How to perform complex offline processing of SAP related picking operation and using blue tooth to print labels directly to label printer in offline mode.

  • Warehouse Analytics Demo image

    Warehouse Analytics Demo

    Increasing productive on the shop floor requires access to all info related to inventory movements and warehouse personnel performing the day to day activities. Moviynt ability to seamlessly extract all the information and consolidate the same from a Analytics point of view is a game changer.

Featured Content

  • VDC White paper image

    VDC White paper

    The speed and agility required to support today’s critical industrial workflows – be it supply chain operations, enterprise asset management or field service automation – is unprecedented and driving organizations to rethink how data is disseminated throughout the workforce.

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Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Aerospace Case Study

    Read on to learn about Modern, Android based hand-held devices, occasional o line capability, single click operations and very low error rate.
  • Moviynt: Warehouse Quality Management

    How to connect to IOT enabled Quality Management instruments to seamlessly send data to mobile devices. Enable display of specification documents while also being able to take pictures and signature to finalize approvals.
  • Moviynt: Warehouse Receiving Demo

    How to perform multiple SAP backend steps seamless using simple workflow process, displaying SKU images on devices and enabling scan only field to remediate fraud related risks.