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Moviynt accelerates business transformation by giving frontline staff tools that connect them to SAP without getting in the way of what they need to do. Our applications are easy to learn, easy to use, and fast. Our solution, Mobilium™, securely runs on a wide range of industrial mobility devices whether they are running Android, iOS, or Windows, or whether they are handheld or wearable. Staff can work online, intermittently online, or fully offline – critical when WIFI is unavailable. Using our native client, our customers’ teams get all their device benefits: Bluetooth printing, image capture, signature on glass, RFID, OCR, GPS, and more. Mobilium™ is SAP certified and seamlessly deploys to cloud or on-prem SAP with no middleware and no new servers. Our robust solution studio allows our deployment teams to rapidly configure any workflow, quickly integrate that workflow to SAP, and get it in the hands of our customers’ staff. Warehouse Management, Quality, Work Order Management, Production, Pick by Vision/Voice, and handsfree workflows are all available and fully integrated to SAP.