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Markgraf Consulting

Enterprise software is never simple.  Many complex issues come along with the territory of maintaining mission-critical enterprise systems.  Not to mention the security and audit implications.  You need help, but who to call?  Call, us, we’re here to help.  Our consultants have decades of experience in solving the biggest and most difficult problems in the enterprise.

Markgraf Consulting’s experts give you the insight, research, and ability to tackle the largest enterprise issues, no matter how fast they come at you.

Our experts offer a wide array of industry-leading services which allow you to gain visibility into common challenges that other clients have faced.

Featured Solutions

  • Technical Consulting

    Our team has years of experience in building and maintaining local, cloud, and hybrid systems. Our advanced understanding of SAP, ERP, and CRM systems can help optimize your infrastructure needs and prevent future performance issues. Our team can help cut down the complexities and confusion from enterprise software systems and partner with your business to help grow to the next level.

Featured Content

  • Audit & Advisory

    Our experienced team can help make your next audit a smooth and easy process. Our specific experience in SAP makes us uniquely qualified to advise and prepare your team for compliance and software audits.

Multimedia Center

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • photograph of a wooden library database catalogue

    Protecting Sensitive Data Stored in Legacy Databases During Cloud Migration

    Reading time: 1 mins

    In today’s globalized economy, businesses are experiencing the rapid expansion of data while also trying to stay on top of the changes in data protection legislation. Especially in the process of digital transformation and migration to SAP S/4HANA, maintenance of legacy databases can become costly and complicate overall processes by increasing risks of exposure of…

  • audits

    Navigating Audits During the Innovation Age

    Reading time: 1 mins

    As organizations plunge into the digital revolution, the intricacies of SAP systems – especially during transformation phases – highlights the pivotal role of audits.