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An IT consultancy and SAP partner that specializes in enterprise performance management, assisting clients to turn their financial and operational data into more transparent and actionable information. In an industry characterized for doling out advice, we prefer to roll up our sleeves. Because the way we see it, execution is everything. At Macrospect, we begin by examining your operations, infrastructure and IT at a macro level. It is that painstaking attention to detail that enables us to achieve clarity, which in turn guides the implementation of a plan that does the same for you.

We don’t try to be all things to all people. We are Finance/FPM experts who are 100% focused on providing exactly the right accounting, treasury, and business planning systems and support for what you do.

Knowing what you want to accomplish in the end is where Macrospect begins.
We don’t employ a linear, autopilot approach that somehow dictates how your people should adapt to the system rather than the other way around. Before creating any plan, we start by defining your goals and how you would like to measure your business. Then, we use that intelligence to form the building blocks of an implementation that can save finance departments years of learning on the fly. Few companies, if any, have the wherewithal or skill to start there.

Irving, TX United States

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