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Liquid Analytics

Augmenting the economic value of business flows with intelligent decisions is what we do.
We have a strong focus on increasing the alpha or profitability of the buy-supply-sell side associated with physical product distribution, commodities, and fixed-income securities.  
We excel at identifying and solving economic optimization challenges in your business
We have a strong focus on increasing the alpha of the buy-inventory-sell side associated with physical product distribution in the CPG market, commodities, and institutional investment industries
Our products optimize the profitability, speed and accuracy of business flows    
We understand that speed and proof are critical; demonstrating positive results quickly is fundamental to our success
Our goal is to realize economic value with all our solutions  
First and foremost we are a vertical business solution product-centric company and not a horizontal technology stack or a consulting company looking to accumulate billable hours Industries Served


Data and Marketing Analytics

Sales and Distribution & Consumer Packaged Goods

Home Furnishing


Saint Augustine, FL United States

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