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DalRae Solutions

DalRae Solutions are a global IT Consultancy, known for providing SAP software solutions. We are a trusted SAP Gold Partner, specialising in building, implementing, and delivering solutions to transform our clients’ business processes. Formed in 2015, we are renowned for our innovative, customer-centric approach. Our customers rely on us to deliver innovative, practical solutions to their business challenges, utilising our expertise in leading-edge SAP technology.

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  • Speaker Q&A: Keeping Workers Safe using Intelligent Compliance Processes at CITIC Pacific Mining

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Following the June 2023, Mastering SAP Conference in Melbourne we took five minutes to chat to speaker Lauren Walsh, Superintendent Learning Systems at CITIC Pacific Mining (CPM) to hear more about a recent project that extended CPM’s SAP SuccessFactors instance utilising SAP BTP.
  • The graduate journey at DalRae – meet Nick Kowalczyk

    We caught up with Nick nine months into his graduate career at DalRae to find out how his journey has progressed so far. Here’s what he had to say about his experience to date.
  • 5 Things You Need To Know About SAP BTP

    This blog aims to provide an introductory level of knowledge into BTP and has extracted five key things you need to know about BT.
  • How DalRae Solutions used BTP to streamline the workflow for NZ Police

    Due to the New Zealand Government launching a Firearm Buyback Scheme, NZ Police required a flexible solution that enabled search and notification capability for both their own staff and NZ Citizens. Custody tracking of firearms and accessories, including all compliance documentation was essential, along with the ability to collect data offline.
  • Enabling a Mobile Workflow Solution to Improve User Experience

    Rio Tinto required a rewritten workflow system that was mobile-enabled and improved customer experience, as the existing system had default text which was difficult for business users to understand.
  • National Disability Insurance Agency: Implementing a Case Management Solution for incident and backlog management

    To support the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across the whole of Australia, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) required an effective incident and backlog management system that integrated with their core SAP solution.
  • Ventia: SAP Solution Architecture Consulting to prepare for systems modernisation

    Ventia, formerly known as Broadspectrum Services, is a market-leading infrastructure services provider within the ANZ market. They required a review of their existing SAP Solution Architecture, which included multiple SAP systems in preparation for a major systems modernisation project.
  • Navigating the BTP Roadmap – Learn the Turns Ahead

    Trying to navigate and understand your roadmap to BTP maturity can feel overwhelming. Learn how you can build and utilise a roadmap to mature your BTP practice and leverage tools like the maturity framework. The DalRae Solutions team are here to be your SatNav and help you understand and enjoy the ride while demystifying the…
  • Harness Years of Structured SAP Data with SAP Analytics Cloud

    Unlock the untapped potential of your SAP data and drive growth and innovation with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Discover how SAC empowers you to leverage years of structured SAP data, gaining real-time insights, identifying areas of improvement, and predicting trends. Transform your business by turning data and statistics into actionable stories, making informed decisions that…
  • Using BTP to Overcome Chasms Between your Current Software and SAP System

    In this presentation, Chris Rae and Marcela Marquez from DalRae Solutions will delve into how the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) bridges the gap between your existing software and the SAP system. Discover the power of automating business processes and how BTP can tackle intricate challenges, as demonstrated through a real-world example of simplifying multi-language…
  • Keeping Workers Safe Using Intelligent Compliance Processes

    Discover how CITIC Pacific Mining and DalRae Solutions leveraged BTP to enhance compliance processes and prioritize worker safety. Through the implementation of an SAP SuccessFactors Extension utilizing OCR and AI, they streamlined the uploading, processing, and validation of employee licenses and certifications, saving time and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Catalyse your Public Cloud Journey with BTP

    Embrace the power of transformation with BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform) and witness a paradigm shift in your business operations. By eliminating customizations and embracing the cloud, you can streamline your journey and unlock new levels of efficiency.
  • Health Check your Processes – Preparing to Move to SAP S/4HANA

    See how using SAP Signavio to analyse and optimize your business processes, businesses can identify areas that may require additional attention during the migration to S/4HANA. And by conducting a platform assessment, businesses can identify any infrastructure or software upgrades that may be necessary in order to support the migration. Together, these two tools can…
  • BTP Plays Well with Others (Joint Reference Architecture)

    A joint reference architecture can demonstrate how SAP BTP works seamlessly with other technologies by providing a clear, visual representation of the various components and how they integrate with one another. By showing how these different technologies work together to deliver a cohesive solution, a reference architecture can help businesses to better understand the value…
  • Mobile Start and WorkZone – SAP’s Best Kept Secret

    Jorg Thuijls from DalRae Solutions leads an informative discussion about modern SAP mobile capabilities. In an era of smartphones Mobile Start and SAP WorkZone make accessing your business applications and data easy and efficient, boosting productivity and streamlining operations.
  • Digitisation and Modernising Work Order Management

    Jorg Thuijls and Julia Exelby take you through how to capture real time information to facilitate better business decisions. Learn how moving away from cumbersome manual process can bridge the gap between business and data, simplifying workflows, improving overall efficiency and making employee’s lives easier. Learn how tools available through the Business Technology Platforms radically…