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Canidium is a market leader, and the most experienced consultancy with  SAP Sales Cloud  and  Xactly. In 2018 and 2019, we led with the most SAP Sales Cloud deployments, while we ranked among the top Xactly partners. An added benefit for our customers is our competitive pricing, giving you the most ROI and helping you speed to increased sales and revenue. We have global teams and coverage, with multilingual consultants. Our relationships with SAP and Xactly, in addition to our pre-existing relationships with CallidusCloud and Obero, combine for decades of experience for our customers.
Most of our customers find irreplaceable value in our expertise and trust us with  Managed Serviceseven after an implementation. These strong relationships have  achieved quantified benefits like 90%+ reduction in compensation processing time, 50%+ improvements in the efficiency of the administrative staff, and a 40% sustained revenue increase; That is how we measure success.

Fort Collins, CO United States

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