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BigID’s data intelligence platform helps organizations proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, personal, and critical data across their data landscape. BigID’s data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape.

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  • 6 Steps to Securing Enterprise Data

    Organizations of all sizes need a strong data-centric security approach: start with these six key steps to secure sensitive and personal data across the enterprise.

  • How to Manage Customer Data in the Retail Industry

    Customer data — and the process of collecting and enriching that data — lies at the heart of Retail businesses. By improving the quality and completeness of customer data, organizations can better understand consumer behaviors and target new products and services to specific segments — while also achieving and maintaining compliance.

Multimedia Center

  • Product Workshops: Data Minimization with BigID

    Join a BigID product demo workshop and learn how to kickstart your data minimization project: our product experts will walk through how to automatically discover duplicate, similar, and redundant data – and take action to minimize data risk.

  • Product Workshop: Risk Scoring, Breach Data Investigation, and Remediation with BigID

    Join BigID product experts to get a deep dive into risk scoring, breach data notifications, and remediation. Learn how to manage risk, accurately identify impacted users after a data breach – and take action to protect sensitive enterprise data across your entire data landscape.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Reimagining Data Governance

    Reading time: 1 min

    BigID is the only solution that enables organizations to connect to all data in a single view, use ML to discover insights, apply context, and take action on data for privacy, security, and governance.
  • The ROI of a Modern Privacy Program

    Reading time: 1 min

    Establishing and operationalizing a modern privacy framework enables organizations to react quickly to breach incidents, track and identify where a breach comes from, and respond to regulating authorities within the required timeframes.
  • Product Workshop: Data Governance in Snowflake

    Join our product experts as they walk through how BigID helps data governance for Snowflake: from data discovery to an advanced metadata catalog to policy-based remediation.
  • Product Workshop: Discovery-In-Depth with BigID

    Learn how to find, classify and catalog sensitive data across any data source, anywhere with BigID.