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Unleash SAP with the AI-Powered UiPath Business Automation Platform

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Key Takeaways

⇨ As one of the most widely used technologies today, organizations that run on SAP are already at the forefront of innovation.

⇨ The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation platform automates repetitive, yet important SAP processes—like logging into SAP S/4HANA, extracting data from sales orders, and forecasting financial earnings.

⇨ In a world where 77% of transactions depend on an SAP system, and 69% of business executives consider software automation of high priority, there’s no denying that digital transformation requires a strategic approach.

The UiPath Business Automation platform, powered by AI, automates repetitive SAP processes, increasing efficiency for organizations relying on SAP systems. The whitepaper demonstrates how UiPath and SAP work together to create unique and effective process flows across all business aspects. In a landscape where most transactions and executives prioritize software automation, digital transformation necessitates a strategic approach. The UiPath platform facilitates this by transforming the way organizations engage with SAP.

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