Shaping the Next Generation of “As-a-Service” Business Models with SAP BRIM

Shaping the Next Generation of “As-a-Service” Business Models with SAP BRIM

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAP BRIM is a modular solution designed to optimize the business lifecycle processes of design, sales, delivery, and billing

⇨ Without a clear alignment between leadership, employees, and customers, revenue management transformation can be an uphill battle.

⇨ SAP BRIM helps businesses innovate with agility and increased transparency across the entire revenue management process.

SAP BRIM solution is a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to operate profitably in a complex partner ecosystem and enables profitable digital services with flexible pricing and watertight revenue management. In this article, you will learn about how SAP BRIM improves the ease of adopting a subscription-based business model for improved efficiency and a seamless, high-quality user experience, and why it should be the go-to solution for automation of billing, invoicing, and accounting processes.

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