Paul Meredith

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Paul Meredith

SAP SuccessFactors

Paul has 22 years’ SAP experience, most of that time in the HR solutions, and is currently responsible for various Core HR solutions, including Time & Attendance and HR Service Delivery. Prior to his role in solution marketing, Paul ran the SAP SuccessFactors User Assistance team.

Before joining SAP (so long ago, it seems like a different life), Paul was earning a crust in Germany as a theatre actor and director and English teacher. A native Welshman and naturalized US citizen, he is based in San Francisco with his wife, 2 sons (one in college), and dog, where he spends his time running, hiking, reading, and spending too much money on his vinyl music collection, and he cannot wait to go to the amazing restaurants and concert venues in the city once the world is back to “normal” (whatever that is…).

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