SAPinsider Executive Magazine | 2021 | Issue 3

SAPinsider Executive Magazine | 2021 | Issue 3

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This issue’s cover story features one of our Advisory Board Members, Hernán Guerra, who built an AI-based application to help streamline Viakem’s interview process. In just over one year the successful application has received public acknowledgement, including Viakem being recognized among Mexico’s 50 most innovative companies. 

“The board really wanted us to start using AI. We looked all over the place for an initial business case. But at first, we were looking at it wrong. We were thinking what team could more easily adapt to AI, or what team would be the most supportive. That’s not the right approach. We needed to start looking at what part of our business might get the biggest benefit, and what pain could we solve,” Guerra says. 

The focus on solving key business pain points brought Viakem to its HR line of business. With its new AI solution, Viakem has cut its hiring process time by almost 80%. The company has also been able to reallocate its people to higher level tasks and spend more time on final interviews. Based on time and resources saved, Viakem’s first AI project paid for itself in just over 18 months. Read the full story and learn what Guerra learned as a result of embarking on this AI project. 


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Culture — Organizational changes are required to leverage emerging technologies. On page 32, read about leading-edge trends and the strategic responses that our executive community is implementing. And on page 38, read an exclusive Q&A with one of our Advisory Board Members about how her company is developing a culture of diverse perspectives to drive creativity and better business results. 

Customer — MSC Industrial (page 14), Bentley Systems (page 20), and Breakthru Beverage (page 6) are innovating in the cloud, building a roadmap for the IT landscape of the future, and becoming a fully integrated, data-driven business.  

Resiliency — Developing a global presence has become a popular approach to transformation and to becoming a resilient and intelligent enterprise. Page 44 begins to explore what is driving technology adoption and two types of transformation journeys that customers are taking. 

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