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Mike Taylor is the Microsoft Federal Chief Information Officer. In this role Mike is accountable for the enhancement and operations for all Systems and Infrastructure that support the Microsoft US Federal Business. Mike is a long-term Microsoft veteran with over 26 years of experience holding a variety of roles across the IT landscape. The most recent role for the last 13 years Mike was accountable for all internal SAP systems and the migration of those systems to fully run in Azure. This included overseeing all production assets as well as working with the various businesses to manage all change onto these platforms. In this role, Mike and his team also partnered with sales groups to help drive Microsoft’s go to market efforts with SAP. This includes helping align roadmaps/features, testing beta software at Microsoft, sharing experiences with many external customers, and speaking at conferences around the world. Mike holds a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering from the University of Washington. He has also worked at the Boeing Company as a Design Engineer and at Accenture (Anderson Consulting) as a Consultant.

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