Manju Devadas

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Manju Devadas

CEO, Pluto7

Manju Devadas stands at the forefront of AI and cutting-edge technologies, making him a globally recognized authority, especially in Generative AI. As the CEO and Founder of Pluto7 and an esteemed Google Partner of the Year Award winner for Data and Analytics, his transformative leadership is evident in the company's groundbreaking decision intelligence platform, "Planning in a Box." Celebrated by Gartner for its exceptional data analytics capabilities, this platform promises substantial business ROI within an impressive six weeks.


Over his illustrious 23+ year career, Manju has left an indelible mark on more than 500 businesses worldwide. His expertise spans across supply chain data analytics, data management, cloud solutions, and digital transformation. Industry heavyweights like Cisco, Vmware, Synaptics, Igloo, Netgear, Levis, AbInbev, Hero Motors, and many others have benefited from his vision in predictive analytics and his role as a business architect.


Not only have giants like Google and SAP entrusted him with leadership roles, but Manju also plays a pivotal part in aligning and devising joint solutions between the two. This synergy is further enriched by Manju's vast experience in Retail and Manufacturing predictive analytics. His roles have been diverse, ranging from an Executive and Technology Leader to SAP Analytics and Oracle Apps Architect. These positions have empowered him to revolutionize the way enterprises approach Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain challenges using Data, AI, ML, and now Generative AI.


Complementing his hands-on roles in business transformation, Manju has steered over 400 workshops and maintained intensive interactions with executives worldwide. Such engagements, especially in collaboration with Google Cloud, have fostered enterprise innovation. Manju's broader vision is championed by a dedicated team of executives passionate about ushering in Industry 4.0. Additionally, he holds a board position at the USC, Marshall School of Business, reflecting his commitment to both academia and industry.

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