Don Vosburg

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SAPinsider Expert: Don Vosburg

Don Vosburg

Product Manager - SUSE Manager at SUSE

"Don Vosburg has been in the IT industry for over 25 years in a variety of roles. Don's experiences as a system administrator, architect, and advisor are augmented by industry certifications from SUSE, Red Hat, Cisco, and others. For the last 15-plus years he has been with SUSE, where his passion is open source software. As a part of his technical selling teams, he has worked with SAP deployment infrastructure and management. Don’s real-world Linux experience spans a broad set of platforms, hypervisors, and clouds. Currently he is Product Manager for SUSE’s systems management product. He is a key member of the roadmap planning and use-case testing teams for SUSE Manager - with customers managing up to tens of thousands of systems. His dynamic presentation skills have been part of SUSE Expert Days, Saltconf, Flourish, LinuxWorld, SUSECon, VM Workshop, OhioLinuxfest, and numerous other venues. He has been married to his wife Diane for more than 35 years, and enjoys telling stories about his four sons. He lives in Anderson, Indiana, where he works from home."

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