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Building a Digital Framework for the Supply Chain

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Key Takeaways

⇨ A digital framework for supply chain results in faster business outcomes and reduced operational costs.

⇨ Companies are focusing on becoming demand-driven and responsive and are transforming their linear supply chains into a customer-centric demand networks.

⇨ SAP’s network solutions empower supply chain, sales, and marketing professionals with insightful and actionable demand network analytics.

Companies need to align their strategic and operations plans and find ways to maximize their working capital investments to ensure that they get the products they want when they want them. They also need to orchestrate the transition from planning to execution, remove fixed lead times, and balance agility and efficiency. With fast and responsive production planning and scheduling scenarios that are closely linked to manufacturing execution, companies can generate production plans to fulfill demand and replenishment signals considering the production rules of manufacturing sites. This article focuses on the key enablers of demand-driven business planning with response and supply orchestration and how SAP solutions for inventory helps companies gather data and perform analyses to manage uncertainty and capitalize on opportunities.

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