The “Story” of Oz Minerals Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to Provide Valuable Insights into Budgeting for Asset Maintenance Costs and Activities

OZ Minerals, a modern mining company, invested in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to support their reporting, analytics and planning processes, giving the individual assets the ability to build, manage and support their own financial and operational planning and reporting capabilities.

Implementing SAP Analytics Cloud with integration to SAP S/4 HANA provided the perfect opportunity for our Engineering & Maintenance teams to shift away from time consuming, complex budget spreadsheets and aim towards an agile Zero-Based Budget methodology by building the required models, stories, and dashboards in SAC alongside the tools to easily maintain EAM master data in SAP. To reach these strategic aspirations, we will dive into the following topics:

  • Our journey, the building blocks of SAC and how it embraces a more agile approach to maintenance budgeting
  • The importance of having accurate SAP master data and the tools we used to speed this up
  • Looking to the future – additional use cases and integrations for Maintenance within SAC

Read the presentation here.

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