The Future of Intelligent Spend Management for the Public Sector

The Future of Intelligent Spend Management for the Public Sector

The pandemic has put the public sector in a pinch. Ever-tightening government budgets require rigorous spend management and AP controls, even as demand for services remains high. Meanwhile, many public sector employees are working remotely, fundamentally shifting a key aspect of spend management and oversight. These challenges are not new, but they have been amplified in this extraordinary environment. With full AI enablement with automated invoice capture to expense and invoice fraud detection capabilities, advanced analytics, and controls on all spend categories, SAP Concur is playing a big role in assisting public sector organizations deliver next-level spend management with maximum transparency and accountability. In this session, leaders from Deloitte will share a practical vision of the future of spend management in the public sector, focusing on leading technology accelerators and process blueprints.

We will examine:

- How to “futureproof” spend management with Concur
- Current best practices in spend management in the public sector – in the time of the pandemic
- How to get more value from spend management transformation based on past customer journeys

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