Optimising Inventory Management at Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania knew there was a problem but was unsure where to start. What we faced was a confluence of out-of-date process documentation, lack of awareness around inventory management and underutilization of SAP to do the heavy lifting. This has been an eye-opening experience to say the least.  We were at a point where we needed to get buy-in from the top while starting from the bottom.  Data quality is poor, SAP resources are hard to find, and change is difficult.  But the journey has begun, and the findings has been exciting, and the opportunities are significant. Come hear our story of both how we set about to Manage Master Data, built and implement business process that are in some cases almost opposite to existing processes and the Training and culture piece that went along with this. 

  •  Uplifting the capability of our team 
  • Full review and rebuild of our material naming conventions and taxonomy 
  • A journey to data governance and culture change 

Presented by Scott Geappen & Tim McLain.

Read the presentation here.

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