Least Privilege 2.0: Controlling Risk in a Dynamic Environment

Least Privilege 2.0: Controlling Risk in a Dynamic Environment

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A growing landscape of laptops and smartphones, widespread internet access, and remote workforces throughout the world have increased the need for risk and identity management and has changed how security models should operate. Continuing to focus on only two dimensions, the “Who” (users and user groups) and the “What” (roles and authorizations), leaves organizations vulnerable to new and emerging security threats. Today, businesses must consider a third dimension to user access risks: the “When.” How can companies better control the assignment of access rights related to tasks, rather than unilaterally granting privileges to users?

In this session, join Appsian’s SAP Security experts as they discuss how SAP ERP customers can address and manage Least Privilege in today’s digital world, while explaining why access governance is critical to SAP security and how organizations can take steps to minimize their risk exposure.

Attend this session to learn how to:

- Strengthen Least Privilege by incorporating context into controls
- Minimize risk exposure while enabling flexible, user-friendly access
- Protect critical data and transactions in untrusted environments
- Adapt to changing security and compliance requirements

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