Impact20: Real-Time SoD Detection & Prevention

Impact20: Real-Time SoD Detection & Prevention

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Static, role-based access controls are reaching their limitations. This is especially apparent with the enforcement of Segregation of Duties in SAP. While RBAC has value in its simplicity, relying on a static SoD model poses constraints.

By integrating attribute-based access controls (ABAC) into SoD policies, organizations can now overcome many of these challenges. Together, this hybrid approach (RBAC + ABAC) enables a dynamic SoD model that prevents violations while still allowing the flexibility of conflicting roles to be assigned (when necessary) and reinforces role-based policy to mitigate over-provisioning.

In this session, Appsian presents how a hybrid approach to SoD can strengthen policy enforcement, and coupled with real-time reporting, streamline mitigating controls.

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