Case Study: How H. Lundbeck Migrated Edoc, Statutory Report Solutions from ECC To DRC In SAP S/4HANA

Key Takeaways

⇨ Do not just accept the error inACT_UPG during BASIS/ABAP part of the technical conversion.

⇨ Be aware of intercompany Business Partner’s tax number, update it before you move to SAP S/4.

⇨ Ensure repository setting is in place for statutory reports. Otherwise, no reports are generated.

The session will showcase the experience and things to consider for DRC to work after an SAP S/4HANA brown field conversion. H. Lundbeck A/S has implemented the eDoc, SAF-T, and other statutory reports for various countries in ECC and will share lessons learned and practical advice from their experience.

You will:

  • See the solutions built in ECC for eDoc, Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR) reports and more.
  • Learn about the errors encountered in eDoc, ACR reports, and more in SAP S/4 conversion.
  • Understand how to bridge the GAP between ECC solution, and SAP S/4 solution for DRC.

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