Pacon gets Creative with Avalara Tax Compliance Suit

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Pacon, a company providing educational and art products, streamlined their sales tax compliance and management of complex tax requirements by integrating Avalara's Tax Compliance Suite with SAP.

⇨ Avalara's solution automated sales tax calculations, filing, and exemption certificates, simplifying Pacon's operations and ensuring compliance across different states.

⇨ The implementation, supported by Avalara's integration partner DMA, was smooth and tailored to Pacon's specific needs, providing peace of mind and efficiency in managing their tax obligations.

The tax expert at Pacon’s audit firm recommended the Avalara Tax Compliance Suite, a cloud-based solution that integrates with SAP (and hundreds of other business applications) to automate sales tax calculations, filing, and exemption certificates and compliance.

Since the integration with SAP was paramount to Pacon, Avalara sent DMA – DuCharme, McMillen & Associates — a partner that specializes in integrating the Avalara Suite with SAP — to present the solution. Joe and his team looked at two other solutions as well, but quickly decided that Avalara was the right choice. “It does everything we need it to do, is competitively priced, and it looks like a modern app,” says Joe. “Also, I liked the DMA team who showed it to us. I was confident in their expertise right off the bat.”

That expertise helped make the implementation and integration surprisingly easy, according to Joe and his team. AvaTax and Avalara Returns were turned on in just a few months. It would have gone even faster if the team’s attention hadn’t been diverted to another acquisition right in the middle of the project.

Besides the speed and ease of the implementation, Joe and his team were struck
by DMA’s commitment and creativity when it came to making the solution fit Pacon’s specific needs — dealing with buying groups, for example, or enabling Pacon to exempt its foreign customers. “DMA really held our hands through the process,” says Joe. “In other implementations I’ve done, the third party might have
suggested a workaround or told us to ‘live with it’ because our needs are unique. Instead, DMA made the solution work specifically for our business. This is one of the easier implementations we’ve done.”

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