HR Transformation Enabled By SuccessFactors

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Key Takeaways

⇨ The initial HR transformation program faced challenges with limited functionality and poor processes.

⇨ HCL Technologies took over the program and rolled out SAP SuccessFactors modules globally, addressing issues and improving system performance.

⇨ The implementation resulted in standardized processes, reduced cost-to-serve, and improved user satisfaction.

A leading global insurance company faced critical business challenges due to limited functionality and poor processes in their HR transformation program enabled by SuccessFactors. HCL Technologies was engaged to roll out SAP SuccessFactors modules globally and address these issues. By analyzing the existing system, proposing improvements, and leveraging SAP SuccessFactors, HCL successfully standardized processes, reduced costs, and improved user satisfaction, resulting in a global standardization of HR services.

Read the case study to discover how HCL Technologies successfully addressed critical HR challenges and transformed an insurance company’s processes using SAP SuccessFactors.

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