From Spreadsheet to Streamlined Planning; Discovering the Requirements for a Smarter Supply Chain

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Scalability Needs: Agilent's rapid growth and acquisitions highlighted the inadequacy of their manual, spreadsheet-based demand-planning processes, necessitating a scalable enterprise solution.

⇨ Improved Forecasting: Implementing GIB Forecast enabled Agilent to enhance their statistical modeling capabilities, leading to more accurate demand forecasts, better inventory optimization, and efficient supply readiness.

⇨ Efficiency and Transparency: The transition to an automated, integrated forecasting solution relieved analysts from repetitive data preparation tasks, empowering them to focus on higher-value activities and fostering greater collaboration and transparency across business units.

Agilent Technologies produces analytical instruments, software, and consumables for use in life sciences and other laboratories. The company has grown dramatically in recent years, both in new and existing geographies. In addition to organic growth, Agilent has acquired a number of companies to add capabilities to its analytical portfolio.

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