Maintenance Automation in SAP System Environments

Maintenance Automation in SAP System Environments

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Effective maintenance practices are essential to help keep SAP systems running as they should. But when maintenance processes are ineffective, critical business applications can become unavailable, leading to disruption of business operations.

As organizations move SAP workloads to the cloud, they seek to be more agile and proactive in developing more straightforward solutions and in a more cost-effective way. What’s more, as multi-vendor environments become more prevalent, integration across SAP and non-SAP systems is an increasingly important objective.

Maintenance automation in SAP system environments can help fend off potential issues. For business leaders, reducing downtime, speeding up deployment, and enhancing security are the primary goals. However, when it comes to setting up and deploying end-to-end maintenance automation in SAP system environments, most decisions come from SAP architects and SAP Basis administrators.

In this Technology Insight, SAPinsider’s Vice President and Research Director Robert Holland sat down with Ricardo Garcia Cavero, Principal Portfolio Architect at Red Hat, to discuss end-to-end maintenance automation and strategies for maximizing maintenance operations in SAP system environments.

Read it to learn about:
- SAP architects and SAP Basis administrators can leverage strategies around Day 1 operations and Day 2 operations to help meet business and operational performance expectations while ensuring a healthy and functioning SAP system landscape over the long term.
- Gaining more control with infrastructure as code tied to a centralized platform for maintenance automation. Explore how it helps eliminate the time and money needed to configure physical hardware.
- Template modules, built on information gathered from organizations running SAP systems, that allow SAP customers to automate the maintenance of multiple systems straightforwardly.

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