Process Automation as a Strategic Tool

Process Automation as a Strategic Tool

The Increasing Imperative of Process Excellence

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Adoption of process automation has increased significantly in last couple of years, as captured by SAPinsider process automation benchmark research in 2020 and 2021.

⇨ Employee productivity has become a key driver for deploying process automation and supply chain and HR processes joined finance related processes among key focus area processes.

⇨ We expect to see similar trends in SAPinsider 2022 process automation benchmark research, due to publish on April 29th.

As organizations grapple with increasing business complexities and disruptions, the importance of business processes that form the core of how enterprises run, has increased as well. Executives have realized that to build an agile enterprise, they need to run best-in-class processes and have robust visibility and control over these processes. In our recently published SAPinsider CIO agenda report, process efficiency and visibility emerged as the number one imperative on the agenda of CIOs, as shown in figure 1 . And that translates into a need to invest in tools and solutions that can help build best-in-class processes and process visibility. This article discusses the trends from previous years' SAPinsider process automation benchmark research that highlights how process automation is evolving into a strategic tool.

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