Machine Learning Renaissance with SAP Kyma 2.0

Machine Learning Renaissance with SAP Kyma 2.0

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Open source development is very normal in the data science world. The popularity of languages like Python and R can be attributed to the explosion of development work happening to leverage open-source tools and technologies. However, many who are on SAP technologies are often unsure how to leverage and integrate open source tools within their SAP technology portfolio. Many of them see a big promise in terms of building some customized tools leveraging data science tools and technologies. The challenge for them is to understand how they can build these and integrate them, into the SAP portfolio ecosystem that they operate on. SAP has been consistently working on making its technologies compatible with other emerging aspects of the technology world but SAP BTP Kyma runtime takes it a step further. In this brief video, I discuss what this means for you, in simple English.

For those who have a technical background and are interested in exploring more, these articles from SAP machine learning engineer, Yanick Schapper, share some great examples:

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